Pro Form Sports And Guaranteed Clean Energy Announce Exclusive Partnership

Pro Form Sports, a world class integrator of American synthetic turf, acrylic and polyurethane-based products, has announced they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Guaranteed Clean Energy (GCE) Finance for the entire United States of America for track and recreational surface markets. This enables Pro Form Sports and its customers to have the ability to finance track and recreational surfaces with no money out of pocket. GCE Energy Finance creates and leverages cash flow through a sophisticated energy savings model. One of the key components to this financing is the energy savings is guaranteed and recreational surfaces become an energy savings vehicle able to be financed. “We have full confidence in the ability of Pro Form Sports to design the most sustainable and energy conscious track and recreational surfaces,” said Andy Bittner, Founder and CEO of GCE. “We are excited to work with the Pro Form Sports team and be a vital component to their projects.” “We are excited to partner with GCE to provide clients with access to financing of their sports surfaces that will cost them $0 up front and significantly increase the speed at which they can purchase and install their surface,” said Gary Wilson, CEO of Pro Form Sports. With the high-quality product manufacturing of the sports-functional properties and technical durability of products offered by Pro Form Sports and the ability to provide a financing option, Pro Form Sports will be able to deliver world class athletic surfaces built for speed, resiliency, and daily use in local and national athletic facilities. For more information regarding the Pro Form Sports partnership, please visit