Outdoor Multi-Purpose

Surfacing systems for multipurpose field facilities are suitable for a wide variety of sports, offering excellent performance characteristics and maximum protection, minimizing the risk of injury to athletes. Due to the water permeability, the sports surface systems used by Pro Form Sports are almost always safe to play on. As there are many colors available, the design can also be very creative and add an element of fun to the surface. The multipurpose system features high durability and weather resistance, thereby ensuring maximum functionality and performance over decades. Multipurpose surfaces are successfully used worldwide and are suitable for all climatic zones.

Indoor Multi-Purpose

All floorings for sports and multi-functional halls need individually adjustable mechanical properties: hardness, elasticity and elongation. We offer a flooring solution for every purpose and every type of sports. Visually, the variety of color combinations is almost limitless, whether uni-colored or multi-colored – almost any design can be created. In addition, we offer systems with low emissions and high fire protection. Compared to other materials (such as linoleum, PVC, wood), polyurethane offers numerous advantages. Our systems reduce the risk of injury to athletes of all ages, protect the joints and at the same time provide high foot stability.

Multi-Purpose Sports