This product is a dual fiber consisting of Diamond Monofilament and Slit Film fiber. The PFS 45 DF system will provide the key benefits of both durability and the look of real grass.


PFS 45-DF is resistant to wear and tear, and the environment. It has high abrasion resistance, joint strength, and the highest tuft bind strength in the industry. It’s climatic resistance to UV and heat is designed for usage at the highest level of athletic play.The application of the perforated backing provides top quality in drainage characteristics for any climatic zone.


The 2” pile height of the PFS 45-DF provides an athlete with high acceleration and a Gmax rating well below the standard 165. The high performance monofilament fiber provides the look and feel of real grass while the slit film provides superior wear resistance for all types of athletic play. The formulation of the PFS 45-DF allows for proper use of infill to reduce injuries and enhance athletic ball play.